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Siratsa is wanting to make this amazing breed available to more familes, not just those that have money to burn. So we are now accepting only 10 deposits for our 2023 puppies, to secure a spot on our waiting list at the SPECIAL PRICE for a FRENCH BULLDOG of $3300* including GST! no matter what colour or patter it is!!!!!


All other pups will start at $4800 for 2023 litters.


...people pay $6k+ for a crossbred with huge genetic issues and we don't beleive in this mentality.

Don't miss out join our waiting list, contact Siratsa now.

*This price is for Limited Registered Pedigrees, Main Registerations will be by negotiation.


EXPERIENCE the #Sfactor

Sue and Mr. BOB

Kane, Emi and MILA

Teri, Luke and ARLO

Deryck, Sue and MR. BOB

The ear lifting fairy has started to visit...here are 3 of the 8 pups who wanted cuddles first 🤣🤣 we are so stoked with the incredible quality of this litter of Lilac & Tans and Blue & Tans.
You can experience the Siratsa-Factor too...

It's the Siratsa-Factor

Toilet training is going well, we always start it as soon as the pups start walking, not only for toilet training but helps strengthen muscles. They are now 4 weeks old and during and after a feed they walk out to the playpen to toilet.
...we are proud Daddies, as it takes so much time, patience and work to make this happen at such a young age.
We like to think of it as the "Siratsa-Factor" 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜

Incredible structure in these pups...Interviewing for suitable homes now.