We do it because it's important!

Like you, when we purchase an animal we want the most healthy, beautiful, lovely natured one we can find, sure sometimes things happen through no fault of anyone - but if that does happen you need to be confident that when choosing a breeder you think you would be able to come to an amicable agreement should something occur. Trying to find healthy kittens is not an arduous task just for the pet buyer it is also even more difficult for the ethical breeders. We too have been 100% ripped off by ‘fellow breeders’ thousands and thousands of dollars, time and time again. 

We decided when we started breeding that if we couldn’t do everything properly then we wouldn’t do it at all, that means ethically, morally, genetically and medically. 

As caretakers of these beautiful cats we take our responsibility very seriously and provide the very best of care in all areas for our animals and that shows in the health, nature and quality of the kittens we produce. We have an amazing team of vets who are available to us 24/7 with the most modern and up to date practices and facilities. They always prioritise our needs to ensure our cats receive the most urgent and specialty care available. They are an integral part of the success of our breeding programs and we are very grateful to Valley Vet Walkerston team. We recommend that all our local kitten buyers use this Practice for continuity of care.


We proudly support the following companies for Veterinary Care,

Testing and Pathology:






ALLPETS Caboolture District Animal Hospital Ph: 0754958100


UC DAVIS Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (California USA)


IDEXX Laboratories (Australia)


ORIVET Genetic Pet Care (Australia)


HARDY Diagnostics (Australia)