Working on something a little bit exclusive, for the discerning cat lover.

At Siratsa we have a passion for cats in general, we love dozens of different breeds but time, money and life prevents us acting on such compulsions thankfully, however we have goals and aspirations like many breeders who start with one breed and move into new ones instead of or in addition to what they initially started to breed with.

We have been breeding British Shorthairs and Scottish Folds for a number of years now and had set ourselves a 10 year goal with regards to the type and specific colours/patterns we hope to acheive in this breeding program. We are working in sync with a couple of other Australian breeders who are some of the most knowledgable breeders in the country, who have decades of experience with these breeds and whose ethics are second to none as well as with a couple of international breeders to ensure the strength and stability of outcross lines. We are loving working together to acheive these goals. We achievedthose goals in 2017. We set ourselves another goal to breed a new Pastel Collection of colours not previously seen in Scottish Folds, we achieved that goal in 2020 with the first kittens being available to the public in 2021.



(with and without ODD-EYES) :


BLACK (Solids, Bicolours, Harlequins, Torties, Smokes)

BLUE (Solids, Bicolours, Harlequins, Colourpoint, Tortie, Tabbies)

CHOCOLATE (Solids, Bicolours, Harlequins, Colourpoint, Tortie, Tabbies, Smokes)

LILAC (Solids, Bicolours, Harlequins, Colourpoint, Tortie, Tabbies, Silvers)

RED (Solids, Bicolours, Colourpoints, Tabbies)

CREAM (Solids, Bicolours, Colourpoints)

PASTEL COLLECTION (see PASTEL page soon - currently under construction)

We do not and never will breed Golden Shaded in any breed.