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Proudly dedicated to health, temperament and type.

We are Jayce and Matt, a married couple and we are Siratsa Cats, a small cattery Est. 2007 (REGISTERED with Cats Queensland Inc.) located in Queensland, Australia. Above anything else we have a love for all animals, but harbor a special passion for felines. Our cats are treated as family pets and share our house with us and our other furkids Lord Bennie, Lady Rani, Hermes and Roselle.

Although we had been involved in breeding birds and show dogs for over 20 years we ceased doing that in early 2007. Missing the animals so much we decided to start breeding cats in late 2007, when we were lucky enough to be mentored by a couple of outstanding Australian & International cat breeders. We started our breeding with Burmese which we quickly became reknowned for but it wasnt long after we commenced that we started also breeding Scottish Fold and British Shorthairs, we quietly went about our business working on producing some combinations of colours and patterns that we were told could never be done with existing Australian lines...we love a challenge. We took a break from breeding for two years and have now started again in 2016 where we imported two of the world's best Russian Scottish Folds from Rumfold. We have spent the last 5 years producing some of the best Scotish Fold kittens in Australia and comparible to those in the world.

At Siratsa, we don't pretend to know everything, infact we learn new things about these amazing animals everyday. We do have a different philosophy than most breeders however, it works for us, our cats and our clients. We invest a lot of money, time and energy into genetic and disease testing to ensure all our cats and therefore the kittens we breed are the most genetically sound and healthy they can be.  We, like many breeders ask for a deposit to secure a kitten. It is not refundable* under any circumstances. We plan our breeding program and litters around what you have told us you want in a kitten, which costs us a huge amount of money to do. If you are not agreeable to that please do not join our waiting list.

We are here to help you in anyway we can and offer our clients 24/7 support. If we are asked a question we dont know the answer to we are not too proud to say so, we will then endeavor to research and find the answer for you from either vets and or people who have dedicated 30+ years to breeding cats.

We as breeders strive to achieve physical conformation in our cats. That means a cat must meet the standards that makes the breed unique. Above all, the cat must be healthy, with each generation further minimising the chance of genetic flaws. We are dedicated to breeding to improve both our own cats through our selective program as well as offer buyers the joy of owning a healthy, well socialised, beautiful natured, purebred pets. We have never produce a cat that has developed OSTEOCHONDROSIS.

Our breeding Queens play and socialise as any pet kitty would on our family property, they have fresh air, sunshine and spend much of the day bird watching. If their temperament is not nice enough that we enjoy having them as a pet then we believe they are not nice enough to breed from. When a Queen is expecting she is transfered to a birthing suite for a secure, calm delivery of her kittens. All births are supervised incase complications arise so the very best of medical care can be administered immediately. In addition all of our cats, on rotation enjoy access to the full house to feel special, like the only cat in the world - a great time for endless cuddles, smooching and favouritism.

Our Kings are also very much part of the family, although some of their quarters are outside (due to some entire male cats spraying), their runs are against our house wall and windows, where they enjoy being part of the daily family action. Each stud has a fully enclosed suite as well as a secure outdoor area with alarmed CCTV monitoring equipment capturing every moment.

We do not breed cats in large quantities, we breed quality, genetically sounds cats which eliminates most health problems so future generations can enjoy these breeds. We most certainly don't do it for money that's for sure, in fact this passion of ours usually means we lose $1000's of dollars every year, our cat litter bill alone is nearly $7000 per year! We do it because you can't put a price on the joy it brings us personally and the happiness we get from seeing the faces of our clients as they adopt a new familiy member that we have lovingly raised from a new born.